TI-84 Base Switching

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asked Oct 21, 2010 by HHBones (4,065 points)
I have a TI-84 calculator, and I've looked high and low for an app that'll switch bases for me, as I've always taken exception to converting from decimal to binary on paper (the old-fashioned way). Do I have to write my own? Because my Assembly is the worst code out there...

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answered Oct 22, 2010 by dan_144 (1,781 points)
*This will not change the base your calculator operates in.  It allows you to convert base ten to other bases.*

Omnicalc, from [Detached Solutions][1] has the ability to change bases on your calculator.  Put Omnicalc on your calculator, then go to APPS > Omnicalc > [ENTER] > 1: Install/Uninstall.  It should say that Omnicalc has been installed.  Then, from the main menu, press 2: General Settings > Toggle "Base Conversion".  The box should be filled in (all black).

Go back to the main screen.  Hold down the ON key and then press LOG.  You can then enter a base from 2 to 36.  Type in a number in base ten, and it will give it to you in whatever base you put in.

Different bases will have different notations.  Binary numbers will be followed by a "b", octal by an "o", and hexadecimal by an "h".

  [1]: http://detachedsolutions.com
commented Oct 25, 2010 by HHBones (4,065 points)
Thanks much, man! I didn't want to learn Assembly just to do that! You've saved me a lot of effort!
commented Oct 25, 2010 by dan_144 (1,781 points)
No problem.  That's one topic I know just about everything about.  Now they just need a resolution update.
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answered Jan 17, 2011 by trueb (80,880 points)
TI basic would be easy, it also is not a hard thing to do by hand...
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