I am studying a diploma in computers. I seriously dont know what career to go into. (UK)

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asked Oct 26, 2010 by iPol (126 points)
In 2 years time Ill have to choose a degree to study at Uni.  Well i can definately say that I love fixing up peoples laptops and making them run faster, removing viruses etc.  Maybe i should become a computer tech i dunno lol.  I just want to know now!!!! lol

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answered Oct 26, 2010 by GavinRoskamp (1,016 points)
I totally just had to write a paper about career choices in Consumers Education (high school course), and from the website provided, I chose Computer Engineer (System & Applications Software) and, don't laugh at this, "Computer Support Person". Yes, they really worded it like that. So I just casually drifted off to saying Computer Support *Technician* during my report.

I'd just take a deeper look into each category, find what suited me best, and go for it. Don't be afraid of learning new things either.
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