What is the best gum or alternate gum?

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asked Nov 10, 2010 by nirmalpatel97 (155 points)
I like gum. I think it is refreshing to chew some after school. What is the best brand or flavor? Do you like old school pink bubble gum? Do you think there is a better alternate for gum out there?
commented Nov 13, 2010 by boba0420 (4,361 points)
This question is exactly a duplicate so I'm leaving it up.

1 Answer

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answered Nov 13, 2010 by boba0420 (4,361 points)
I don't personally have a favorite brand of gum. I'll take whatever somebody else is giving me. :) If I am buying it myself I usually go for the "green" ones, whatever that flavor name may be depending on the brand. I usually don't chew the "old school" pink bubble gum though.
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