Will Kinect kill the Wii?

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asked Nov 11, 2010 by nirmalpatel97 (155 points)
Kinect came out and it has no controllers. Do you think Kinect will kill the Wii? I think Kinect is kinda cool. I dont know if it will kill the Wii.

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answered Nov 11, 2010 by markd12 (3,581 points)
Not while the Wii still has Mario.
commented Nov 11, 2010 by ryebread761 (7,676 points)
Go mario!!!!!!!!!!
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answered Nov 11, 2010 by Kiryu13 (926 points)
No I don't think kinect will kill the wii for two reasons one is price because you're going to have to pay for the console and with kincet and that will cost you $300 to $350 and a wii will cost you $200 another reason is
because nintendo has gamed that no other consoles like mario and DK or metroid and that is why I think kinect
will not kill the wii.
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answered Nov 11, 2010 by bojak71730 (91 points)
no i dont think so but it will give it a run for its money..
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answered Nov 11, 2010 by r0bErT4u (83,750 points)
commented Dec 24, 2010 by tsilb (47,280 points)
I can't help but notice your data end two years ago, well prior to the Kinect events of recent months.  I'd be interested to see the augmented results.
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answered Nov 11, 2010 by Patxi (12,610 points)
A cheap copy of the Wii will never Win :P, it just a way to rip the competition nothing more ^^
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answered Nov 11, 2010 by Feras (5,481 points)
No since many people still want to hold something physical so you can play games that are more complicated. Kinect is something that is mainly for mini games like the eyetoy. And with all the games the Wii has, Microsoft has a hard job to match it.

![alt text][1]

  [1]: http://www.ballbouncer.org/images/eyetoy.jpg
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answered Nov 12, 2010 by swinnie (771 points)
Stranger things have happened in the past. But, I do not think it will "kill the Wii". Both consoles offer different game experiences, covering different markets. As previously stated, one of Nintendo's biggest assets is the Mario brand - a widely universal character and series alike available on a single platform, or at least through a single console manufacturer, Nintendo.

Microsoft and Sony have released very good products for the flag-ship consoles, both improving on some issues with the Wii. For example, the PlayStation Move is much more responsive to actions, at least for me and my family. Although, I can't help but think that it will go the same way as the EyeToy: a superb product, but didn't last all that long (to my memory). It's odd how ideas go 'full circle' and return to us in different formats/mediums - they know they've got an idea, we, the consumers just have to embrace it; just like we have 'traditional gaming' with the PlayStation and the Xbox.
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answered Nov 13, 2010 by chadt4 (12,475 points)
Not likely. The Wii costs 200 (whereas Kinect costs $150....Xbox not included). Also, Wii games themselves are very cheap but Xbox games are quite expensive.
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answered Nov 18, 2010 by Steven Hibbs (4,641 points)
No. The Wii is still a good system and Nintendo will not go down that easily.
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answered Nov 30, 2010 by paddyt007 (1,196 points)
Kill, No.
Help them catch up to the Wii, Yes.
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