DHCP fails

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asked Nov 29, 2010 by Kryzech (1 point)
Hey im running a DHCP on a class A network and i have 3 PC's with WinXP SP3
that wont recieve an address from my DHCP server. all other computers are working fine with the DHCP.
Static routing also works fine.
Problem started after i removed Novell from the clients

so any ideas what might have caused this, or what might solve it?

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answered Nov 29, 2010 by Tim Fontana (16,355 points)
you could dedicate the ones that wont work their own IP address. Make sure you set them in the router and on the computer. The router part is the most important however
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answered Nov 29, 2010 by Seb (23,610 points)
1. Open **Network Connections** from the control panel or otherwise.
 2. Right click your network connection, click **Properties**.
 3. There's a listbox with checkbox/item combinations. Scroll down until you get to **Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)**. Select it.
 4. Ensure the radio buttons **Obtain an IP address automatically** and **Obtain DNS server address automatically** are selected.
 5. Press **OK** back to the desktop.
commented Nov 29, 2010 by Kryzech (1 point)
Yeah i know how to enable it, but Novell Netware messed it up when it was uninstalled, only able to run static routes on the PC's
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answered Nov 30, 2010 by Kryzech (1 point)
I solved this problem by reinstalling the TCP/IP protocol
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answered Nov 30, 2010 by synaptiv (1,056 points)
To be honest, when ever I set up a router, I change the internal IP's from dynamic to static as a safety precaution, if someone were to get behind your router, all they need to do is or one of the variant default IP addresses that routers use thus the inherent default internal network IP addresses would be and so on, so your best bet would to be set the IP addresses manually in case the DHCP fails. Never really on DHCP on a network if you can help it.
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