How can I connect wireless headphones to this tv with no jack

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asked Nov 30, 2010 by iPol (126 points)

I want the wireless headfones for films and xbox 360

2 Answers

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answered Nov 30, 2010 by Martin Willingham (1 point)
You could connect it to the RGB (White and Red ones) coming from the Xbox using a "Jack socket to Phono", Does mean though (Without a splitter) you can't have sound on your tv too. However, go to Maplin as your in the UK (me too) and ask for those things or search Amazon :)
commented Nov 30, 2010 by iPol (126 points)
im confused lol
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answered Nov 30, 2010 by CoolGuyGreg (1 point)
From the specs on that model of TV it appears to only have Digital Out (Optical). You may need a tuner that accepts optical in order to do this. Some tuners have dual outputs but you may still need a converter for the headphone jack. Consider another TV if you haven't yet purchased it.

If you haven't yet purchased the headphones there are some out there that have RCA connectors built into them.

Good luck.
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