What do you do for work?

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asked Dec 3, 2010 by FizzNakLe (2,506 points)
It seems like most every one has a tech job and I wondered if there's someone here who works in a coffee shop.

If you don't have a job, what do you want to do?

I manage a technical support system.

2 Answers

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answered Dec 3, 2010 by recck (3,166 points)
I'm a Junior Web Developer, YouTube Partner and freelance web developer/designer.
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answered Dec 3, 2010 by Patxi (12,610 points)
Currently Civil Eng Student, third year, and loving it.

Currently funemployed but used to work on OME(Office of Medical Emergencies). University takes most of my time, I get Ds and Cs  while giving my life away to studies. If I had a job my grades would drop to F and all those 3 years of hard work would have been for nothing and my dreams would be broken cuz graduating from Civil Eng is my dream.

Trying to see if I can make tutorials to gain some revenue from youtube :P
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