Will Smartphones ever be hardware upgradeable?

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asked Dec 12, 2010 by Justin (8,441 points)
Smartphones now are almost treated like computers.  Where it is important to have good hardware (ie: processor, ram, etc.)  And with so many different and new OSs, people have to buy new phones if they want a software upgrade.  

Do you think they will ever be able to make smartphones that are hardware upgradeable, and do you think that there could be a market for smartphone hardware?

1 Answer

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answered Dec 12, 2010 by Tim Fontana (16,355 points)
By having upgradable hardware, the firmware and os will have to get more complex. Part of the reason PC's take so long to boot, is because on each boot they have to detect the hardware, then load it. We don't really want phones to have to do this too.
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