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asked Dec 18, 2010 by Mac lover 4155 (130 points)
Today I thought of what I should ask to be specific enough for a good answer. Well, if I want to build a computer, what are the crucial parts required for operation?

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answered Dec 19, 2010 by Geenome (2,261 points)

I see your name is Mac lover, so are we to assume that you are looking to build a Mac computer? If you're just looking at building a Windows PC, then what JayKay said, is basically right. If you're looking at building a Gaming Rig, then a decent case will be needed too. Simply because the type and size of the graphics cards you may want, and you may want to run a couple of graph cards in sli. Look at how you're going to keep these cards cool, such as ventilation, fans, heatsinks and/or water-cooling.

It would pay to invest in an Anti-static Wrist strap so you don't inadvertently damage any hard ware(especially CPU's). Check out PC building forums for help
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answered Dec 19, 2010 by Phoenix7 (2,321 points)
Bulding a computer = waste of time
commented Jan 2, 2011 by Mac lover 4155 (130 points)
to you...yes, to many including myself, no
commented Mar 12, 2011 by jesseforpeace (76 points)
i have agree and disagree with you on that one. i build my computer i spent hundreds of hours reading so i could get the right parts,but i learned allot. but it lasted 2weeks before it died and i lost over 1500$$ on it so i bought my new one a few years latter after i saved enough $$ .. i had fun doing building it and that's what counted !!!!!
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answered Dec 19, 2010 by Angelwork (561 points)
Start out with a motherboard.  This is the component that will allow you to attach hard drives, RAM, video cards and the CPU along with other components.  After this, you can buy the RAM, GPU, and CPU in any order, as long as the number of pins and whatnot are compatible with the motherboard.  Also make sure that the RAM is the correct type.  Next, get yourself a nice case with a suitable power supply.
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answered Mar 12, 2011 by Vancar6 (10,510 points)
Well, it depends on what you want to build.
And how much money you have, along with what OS your planning on using.
Essentials are:
A decent Power Supply
Graphics Card (Would help if you had one)
DVD &/or CD drives are luxury, so you do not need one, you could just install Windows 7 via a USB stick.
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answered Mar 12, 2011 by Greg De Santis (1,196 points)
The only things that were not listed are all minor, but worth it to at least mention to complete an already successful computer build. These components are a DVD/RW drive (helps with backing up important documents and files), thermal paste for the CPU, and extra case fans for cooling.

Some necessary items external to the computer case are your favorite mouse, keyboard and monitor. Most people don't take these items into consideration, but they are an added cost.
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