Is there a way to make a safe cooking fire with chemicals?

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asked Dec 21, 2010 by HHBones (4,065 points)
So, I was watching a few videos involving chemistry and fire. And I got to thinking, "Can I make a fire like this quickly that's safe to cook with?" Of course, safety is paramount. But is there a way to do it?

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answered Dec 23, 2010 by David (3,306 points)
I guess the main question is what chemicals. Anytime you burn chemicals you change their composition and produce a new chemical or variation of that chemical which can be (and most of the time is) hazardous. Even chemicals that produce a slow non flaming exothermic reaction when combined still produce a product of combustion that can be very dangerous. Simply and safely put, a match and wood are the best. Natural gas or propane is great too.
commented Dec 23, 2010 by HHBones (4,065 points)
No, what I meant is: is there a way to mix two chemicals and make a safe cooking fire, WITHOUT using wood or natural gas? For example, mixing x solvent with y liquid to make a fire?
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answered Dec 24, 2010 by paoconnell99 (91 points)
"mix two chemicals and make a safe cooking fire, WITHOUT using wood or natural gas"

Not happening, unless you use some other flammable fuel to start the fire.

You have to have something to start your fire, and keep it cooking.

Get a copy (at a store or from a library) of the late Colin Fletcher's book **The Complete Walker.**  Everything you need to know about fire starting, fire safety, and so forth.

The easiest camp stove to use is probably a white gas backpacking or Coleman car camping stove, which are what I use.
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