What Mac or iPad should I get?

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asked Dec 22, 2010 by manateemark (206 points)
I would like to know what you guys think I should get.  

I would like to get an ipad so that that way i can get 3g and still play hd games

I would like to get a mac so that i can have HQ editing software and fast processors

I would like to get a imac so i could have that big screen in my bedroom

I would like to have a macmini so that i can still have a mac but not spend so much

I would like to get a mac pro so i can say i have 6tb in my computer

I would like to have a macbook pro so when i go to school i can take it with me

I would like to get a macbook air so that my computer is not to heavy

Should I get a...

 - MacBook Air
 - MacBook Pro
 - Mac mini
 - iMac
 - Mac Pro
 - iPad Wi-Fi 16GB
 - iPad Wi-Fi 32GB
 - iPad Wi-Fi 64GB
 - iPad Wi-Fi+3G 16GB
 - iPad Wi-Fi+3G 32GB
 - iPad Wi-Fi+3G 64GB

It also has to be under $2200 after tax.

But i do get an education discount so that cuts off about the price of tax
commented Dec 22, 2010 by TheTechDude (76,270 points)
Do you have a budget?  These things all cost different amounts.  Also, what will you be using it for?
commented Dec 25, 2010 by TheTechDude (76,270 points)
What will you be using it for????
commented May 26, 2011 by iGeek3 (1,616 points)
Realize that an ipad cannot fully replace all the features of a full laptop

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answered Dec 22, 2010 by Justin (8,441 points)
Well it really depends what you need it for.

Potability, power, ease-of-use, light work, etc.
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answered Dec 22, 2010 by Mattophobia (6,997 points)
Well it depends on what you need to do on them and what you budget is... Can you give us some specifics?
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answered Dec 22, 2010 by jprepp (556 points)
I agree with the above statements, it really depends on what you need / plan to do with the device.

Unless you are doing a lot of photo or video editing (or working with large complex files or tasks), the MacPro is probably overkill.

If you need power and portability go with a MacBook Pro, in particular one of the newer i5 or i7 processor models.  If you need more portability than power consider the MacBook or MacBook Air (air will obviously be the lightest choice).

iMacs are great all-in-one machines and the 27-in model gives you an awesome screen with a great computer attached.  The Mac Mini has good specs for a small box and it would be a really nice system if you were planing to use it with a HDTV or as a media center.

Lastly, for the iPads, these are great, but not truly desktop or laptop replacements.  You can do a lot with them (somethings that a computer can't even), but if you will need to write documents, make spreadsheets or graphs, etc. these features are not really up to the same standards as on a traditional computer.  That being said, I do really like my iPad and if you were going to get one of these get the most memory you can afford.  If you can afford the 3G get that as well, even if you don't sign up for the plan right away you always have the option later.  

So, again, it depends on what you really want to use the device for.  Personally I would recommend a computer first (assuming you don't have a late model Mac that you're using) and then go for the iPad.
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answered Dec 22, 2010 by FilipinoPower (13,005 points)
WE NEED TO KNOW WHAT YOU ARE GOING TO BE USING THIS FOR. Until then non of us can give you advice on what to purchase based on your needs. We can only give you advice based on our needs. But since you're 11 I'd suggest the 64 gb iPad.
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answered Dec 25, 2010 by fruitpunch36 (406 points)
I would suggest getting a lower end iMac for home use and then an iPad 16GB for traveling.
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answered Dec 25, 2010 by signedintocomment (46 points)
Do you not listen to all the hype about iPad 2? Don't get the first generation, unless you want to regret spending all that money.
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answered Dec 25, 2010 by ambysasa (191 points)
Power Macs are cool but it<s not on your list...I would rather go with a Mac. but thats just me.
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answered Dec 25, 2010 by Matthew B (1,336 points)
Mac Pro. Butt-load of power expensive but worth it.
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answered Dec 28, 2010 by Louis Jenvey (591 points)
For Extreme Portability and Lightness, the MacBook Air (http://goo.gl/9Q0hD) would be your best bet, also you could get it with the highest specification for around your budget so this would be great if you could live without the gaming, but if you really do need to play games a bigger more powerful machine would be better.

For Power on the Move, The MacBook Pro (http://goo.gl/2I9k5) would be great for you, although for your budget you will not be able to do heavy gaming as the 13 inch's screen would be too small and the 15 inch's specs would not be high because of the price.

 For Saving Space and low cost, The Mac Mini (http://goo.gl/SO7kC) would be great but will not have the power of the Mac Pro or the iMac but it would give you money to spend on a good display or any extras/peripherals, but an alternative to this would be to get the top spec Mac Mini for around $1,500 and this may be able to play entry level/basic games and you would be able to also edit videos.

For Good Looks and Power, The iMac (http://goo.gl/OzykQ) is in budget, with one of the highest specifications costing $1,999 which will be great for gaming and you will not have to buy an extra monitor, also it will have all of the components stored in the screen so it will save space.

For the Gold Standard, The Mac Pro (http://goo.gl/9GKtt) would be great for gaming, video editing, and any other CPU intensive tasks it will be running Mac OS X which is not the best platform for gaming but you can always bootcamp Windows as I have heard that Macs' make great PC's. The only Problem with the Mac Pro is that the base model is $2,499 which is $300 over you budget but if you can afford the extra cost then this is the way to go.

For Portability and gaming to a budget, The iPad (http://goo.gl/IjU2t) with Wi-Fi would be good for gaming on the move but the video editing will not be as good as it would on the iMac but it is a good device for light gaming but you will not be able to play games like Call Of Duty: Black Ops or any other heavy games as they are not released for this platform.

For Portability and Web Browsing on the move, The iPad (http://goo.gl/ljU2t) with Wi-Fi and 3G would also be good for gaming, but you will also get Web Browsing wherever you are in the country, also all iPads act as iPods so you can use it for music during your way to school/college for example.

I think for your budget the iMac would be best as you can play games, do video editing and any other CPU intensive tasks but you would not have the portability, if you really do need it then the MacBook Pro would be best.
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answered Dec 31, 2010 by adsmac (66 points)
You need a Macbook pro or a iMac or a Mac Pro. If you don't need a laptop and have money get a Mac Pro.
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