CB Radio Squeally Problem.

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asked Jan 3, 2011 by bdenn (166 points)
Hello Community.

I received a CB radio for Christmas and have installed it.

The equipment that I'm running is:
Midland® Compact 1001Z 40-ChannelCB Radio. - http://www.radioshack.com/product/index.jsp?productId=3799949
Midland® 18-258 27MHz Window Mount CB Radio Antenna.
Pyle Plus Horn.
CB/High-Frequency Ham Power SWR Meter

I have the CB Radio in my car in a common location. I have the antenna window mount located on my back window centered and the horn under my hood. The antenna that is on the back window, we put on, and then found out we are not to place the antenna on a window that has a window wormer on it. We used the SWR meter and made the CB come in better. After doing such I still had random people tell me I was extremely Squeally when I speak. I can hear others ok so not sure what to do here.

What should I do to make it so that it does not come in squeally when I talk?
New Mic?
New Antenna?

What have you guys done with this problem?


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answered Jan 3, 2011 by Justin (8,441 points)
I don't know a lot about these, but if you can hear other people, it must be the mic.  

Is the mic removable?  If so, find a cheap one, or borrow one from a friends or relative, to see.  

There also could be the chance you received a lemon.  :/
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answered Jan 3, 2011 by David (3,306 points)
Unplug the mic and clean the ends. Re-connect it and make sure it's seated completely. Is it a power mic, in other words does it take a battery? Also, some power mics receive power from the CB. Power mics can sometimes themselves cause squeal on the other end. Make sure the power supply for the CB is adequate for this. Newer cars and trucks sometimes require filters to be installed along the coax due to the electronics in a car. Double check your SWR meter and make sure your gain is correct. You may have to clip the antenna or shorten the coax. Be careful shortening the coax and don't cut to much at one time or you'll be done before you get started. If all else fails, take it to a radio shop and have them double check the install.
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