What are the biggest issues with technology security?

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asked Jan 5, 2011 by Vancar6 (10,510 points)
Mine is DDOS, whats yours?

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answered Jan 5, 2011 by zman (3,536 points)
The biggest issues with technology are likely:

 1. People use the same software on hundreds of devices.

 2. People use the same hardware on hundreds of devices.

 3. People use hardware and software the same way.

The above are are huge issues because it makes infection and botnets possible, believe it or not people used to make their own hardware and software and the internet made it possible to use any device that can read HTTP to make communications without having to have any brand-specific smartphone or tablet.

My biggest issue is the only computers I can afford have 512 mb ram and I don't have the tools to make a motherboard that can handle more nor can I afford it.
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