How to clean a handicam by myself?

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asked Feb 24, 2011 by Yogi (955 points)
Ok, now i have a SDR-H60 PANASONIC HDD camera and when i zoom it, it becomes kinda like burr when i maintain it at some distant zoom is on, & even at short distance, as if there's fog at the place. I need no problem at all for tomorrow night as i have dj night at my college, and i need a solution as quick as possible. Secondly this is my dad's cam technically, so for him, it is his Mona Lisa, any problem & i am literally dead.

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answered Feb 24, 2011 by _GTech (1,311 points)
The best way to find what the problem is, is to look back in time...

Was this problem always like this, or did you just discover it for the first time?

Have you cleaned the lens?

Some cheap HD Cameras just flat suck, no matter what distance you shoot them at..

Placing the HD Camera somewhere stationary will greatly increase the focus if it's an auto focus camera.  What I have found from experience is, Cameras that cost <$100 - < $300 aren't very good.

They don't last long, I have had more than one go bad on me after just 2 years or less, I'm on my 4th cheap camera now, and all I gotta say is, cheap is bad...

If the camera worked better before, I'd suspect that you have messed up the settings or someone else did, either way, ask your Dad for help, even if the camera is broken, at least letting him know of the problem will help him help you, just make sure you are honest with him and tell him you don't know what happen, he can't kill you for that, surely..
commented Feb 24, 2011 by Yogi (955 points)
You are right about the cheap one's.
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