Whats Android like?

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asked Mar 2, 2011 by Vancar6 (10,510 points)
I heard it ia based off of Java, I hate Java!!!!
It is so simple and low powered.
What is an Android tablet be like?
Will I get apps like Adobe Illustrator?

Archos 7 is what im wondering is like..

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answered Mar 3, 2011 by ryebread761 (7,676 points)
Try android with the SDK and emulate it on Mac or PC. I was interested also so that's what I did. Not fast but gives you the general idea.
commented Mar 3, 2011 by catchatyou (97,380 points)
I agree, the SDK dives you a very basic idea of how Android works, and I would recommend it to anyone that wants to get their "feet wet" in Android.
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answered Mar 3, 2011 by Alekz (2,716 points)
Java simple and low powered? You really need to do some research before making such statements.

I think it's great that it's based off Java, it makes the learning curve much less steep for most programmers that having to learn Objective C
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answered Mar 3, 2011 by Yogi (955 points)
Youtube for it, you should get your perfect answer.
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answered Mar 16, 2011 by Justin (8,441 points)
Depending on the hardware, Android is incredible.  Some people don't do very well with it, and to be honest, I haven't many good things about Archos...
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