What Was Your First Macintosh?

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asked Mar 7, 2011 by JoshTemps (46 points)
My first Macintosh was a iMac G3 500MHz.... what was yours?

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answered Mar 7, 2011 by KnightZero (1,211 points)
My first Apple computer was an Apple IIgs.  I guess that my first "Mac" would probably have been a 05/06ish MacBook Pro 15 inch.  Those two machines are the only Apple products I've ever used.  Neither lasted long.
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answered Mar 7, 2011 by Duodave (4,646 points)
Let's see. A Mac 128 was my very first Mac, in 1985. After a bit I had it upgraded to the Mac Plus (they basically replaced the motherboard and floppy drive). I also had a wacky video upgrade for that machine that allowed it to use an external monitor and turned the internal monitor into grey scale.

Then I owned a Powerbook Duo 210 and a Performa 475.

I also possessed a Macintosh IIx, as I was the sysop for a club BBS and that was the BBS machine. So it wasn't really mine. Fun fact about that machine - we added an internal hard disk to it, but didn't have the appropriate hard drive bracket. So I tied the drive in place with twine.

I also briefly owned a G3 which I gave to a friend for parts. I currently own two G4s, one of which doesn't work for reasons unknown. It's apparently been scavenged because of its failure to work.
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