How to transfer Photos and Video from your iPod to your Mac

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asked Mar 19, 2011 by User_1002 (241 points)
OK. So I have an iPod Touch 4G and I have a lot of pictures and videos that I need to transfer over to my Mac. I know you can email them, but isn't there a simpler way?

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answered Mar 19, 2011 by chadt4 (12,475 points)
I don't know about Mac, but on my PC when I plug my Touch in it detects it as a digital camera and allows me to view the photos, but as with videos, you'll either need to jailbreak or email them to yourself to get them on the computer.
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answered Mar 21, 2011 by mac colar (1 point)
You may try this iPod to Mac Transfer. I always use it to transfer songs and videos from my iPod to my macbook, my friends recommend it to me, it's safe and works pretty well for me. It also supports transferring photos on iPod.
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answered Mar 21, 2011 by Mattophobia (6,997 points)
You should just be able to open iPhone and your iPod should appear in the side bar. when clicked all the Photos and videos you've taken/recorded will be there.
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