Ebay Hackers!?!

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asked Mar 21, 2011 by Vancar6 (10,510 points)
I have been after a iBook G3 these past few days.
Been bidding for them for ages.
But every one I see one, it has been bid on by some one with *** stars in there name!!!!!!
This is so annoying.
Are these people ebay hackers?
Anything I can do to beat them?
Thanks :)

2 Answers

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answered Mar 21, 2011 by Blake (196 points)
Ebay doesn't show bidders names anymore that's why you see the *****'s the best way to win is wait for the last few seconds of the auction before you bid.
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answered Mar 21, 2011 by roguekiller23231 (4,316 points)
i've always found that putting the amount your going to want to spend in the bid first, it puts other off. if your the first bidder your more likely to get it if you have a decent bid.

the *** in the middle of peoples ID's are to protect buyers, because other users would email the buyers to put them off of buying, thretten them, or tell them something false to put them off like 'don't bid on this, it doesnt even work' or 'it's on finance' or 'it's stolen'. i had a few people message me on ebay when i was buying stuff to try to put me off.
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