How do you cool down your workspace?

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asked Apr 3, 2011 by TomMaxwell (1,561 points)
Summer is rapidly approaching and I'm already seeing the affects. It's getting very hot which means my workspace is getting very hot. What are some techniques you use to cool down a room full of tech?

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answered Apr 3, 2011 by TheTechDude (76,270 points)
My room tends to stay quite cool, mainly because the A/C is on or because I sit right near a window that I can open.  But here are somethings that I have thought of:

<li>Put your computer in sleep when you walk away so that it is not running
<li>Only have on the devices you need
<li>Have a fan
<li>Avoid having lights on as they can generate more heat
<li>If you have blinds on the windows and the A/C is on close them
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answered Apr 3, 2011 by Arty (676 points)
I actually bought a cool little desk fan from K-mart for this purpose. Cost me $3 and is a great solution
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answered Apr 3, 2011 by ryebread761 (7,676 points)
Well yesterday I got a laptop stand with a built in fan. For the laptop of course but since I'm always close to it when I'm in my room it might help.
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answered Apr 3, 2011 by Gary (1,196 points)
I shut it down if I go out.
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