What is the most economic printer brand for casual black and white A4 prints?

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asked May 2, 2011 by Giorgio94 (1,022 points)
I have a Cannon Pixma iP1700 or something like that and the ink cartridge here in Argentina costs $120 pesos (aprox. $30 US Dollars). I went to a computer store today and asked for Epson ink cartridges and they cost $40 pesos (aprox $10 dollars) so I want to know which is the most economic printer brand for printing A4 Black and white documents.. Thanks

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answered May 6, 2011 by Giorgio94 (1,022 points)
Can anyone please answer? I really need the answer. I read online that HP and Epson are really good but that Epson's weird ink system may get dry if you don't print for a while and cleaning the ink heads is pretty hard.
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answered May 6, 2011 by geekomatic (1,842 points)
The most economical way to print B&W documents is with a decent laser printer. The cost per page can be quite a lot less than ink- and because it is toner & not liquid ink, it doesn't clog/dry up. Check whatever review site you favour to find a good one in your price range. Amazon.com is a great resource for reviews...


PS- You cannot use laser printers to do photos on photo paper. You can print images on plain paper, however.
commented May 6, 2011 by Giorgio94 (1,022 points)
So your saying that laser is the cheapest for B&W and that for color, it also prints but on regular paper?
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answered May 6, 2011 by AlphaMaleWolf (16 points)
i would stay away from epson my print head got clogged and it was almost cheaper to buy a new printer than have it fixed so i got a canon which you can replace the print head easily. for black and white cheapest would be a laser printer. you can get color laser printers but they are not good for photographs use you inkjet for that
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answered May 6, 2011 by Duodave (4,646 points)
Kodak has the cheapest ink of all the printers I've owned, and I've had Apple, Canon, HP, Epson and Kodak. To me, that is the most important thing anymore, as I think printer companies are trying to rip us off by selling printers below cost and gutting us with overpriced ink.
commented May 6, 2011 by Giorgio94 (1,022 points)
have you tried any laser printer?
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