Do you keep your computer on all day and night, or do you shut it down?

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asked May 19, 2011 by 602kid (1,950 points)
Will keeping your computer on or asleep destroy it faster, than if you just shut it down every night?

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answered May 19, 2011 by jebug29 (476 points)
I always keep my laptop on 24/7, except for updates and if I'm going on vacation without a car charger. Putting the computer in power-saving or sleep mode would prevent it from actually doing much of anything (HDD spinning, fan running, etc.) so it really shouldn't have any impact on the computer's hardware, and of course, software would be out of the question, so leaving it on would be completely fine for the compuuter. (Just make sure it goes into sleep mode so that no hardware is running and the screen doesn't burn in.
commented May 19, 2011 by kmark937 (966 points)
Screen burn-in isn't a problem for LCD (or LED?) displays.
commented May 19, 2011 by TheTechDude (76,270 points)
When I put my computers in sleep the drives and fans stop spinning.
commented May 19, 2011 by jebug29 (476 points)
@thetechdude yes, it should do that. I was just saying all that so sleep isn't confused with the screensaver, and @kmark937 I have no idea XD but that's just what I've always heard that the screen could burn in
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answered May 19, 2011 by KylePolansky (1,956 points)
One thing to keep in mind is that the battery (on laptops) will degrade if you leave your computer plugged in all the time. I have unplugged one of my laptops maybe 15 times in 2 years, and the battery lasts about 5 minutes. Just keep this in mind, because batteries are expensive. If you use your laptop as a desktop computer, as in you don't take it anywhere, I would remove the battery and then plug it in when you want to take it somewhere. This won't make an impact if its only a few days, I just don't have any powerful desktop computers so I use laptops.

Also, I personally have never had hardware go bad on me. Most hardware is built to withstand the lifecyle of your computer. I guess I could recommend not shaking violently, and avoid spilling stuff on your computer. Also, powering on and off constantly is bad practice, but I don't know anyone that does that.
commented May 19, 2011 by synaptiv (1,056 points)
That is for older laptops, newer laptops don't have that problem.
commented May 19, 2011 by Hugo (1,691 points)
Wait, are you saying that people should take out the battery and then they can leave it plugged in indefinitely..?
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answered May 19, 2011 by Gary (1,196 points)
I turn my desktop off at night while I leave my macbook pro in sleep mode
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answered May 19, 2011 by VenyoZ (206 points)
It's up all night, I got servers running and I need them to be continuously running so I don't have to restart them and it might cause some troubles.
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answered May 19, 2011 by Vikram Deshmukh (146 points)
on all the time, all day all night
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answered May 19, 2011 by iTechnologyz (1,296 points)
I sleep my MacBook Pro whenever I'm not using it, see, I'm making use of its features =D

I will also turn it off every.... like 5 days?
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answered May 19, 2011 by Bowler4Ever (734 points)
My MacBook is on a schedule. On at 10am (summer), sleep at 4am (unless I'm still awake). Sleep mode when at work, as well
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