Network problem after setting up a new printer

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asked Jun 9, 2011 by Jack Hodgkiss (1 point)
Just last night I bought a Epson BX320FW wireless printer. So I plugged it all in and set up under my parents windows vista laptop.

So basicly what has happend is after installing the printer any wireless devices can either no longer find the Virgin Media Super Hub or just can not connect to the internet. However a wired connection works just fine.

I have tried everything I can think of to fix the problem yet no luck. So if you have any suggestions on how to fix this problem I would be greatly thankful.

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answered Jun 9, 2011 by chaosuk83 (41 points)
Start with a question... lol Have you checked the obvious - the IP address and subnet of the printer - to make sure it is not clashing with the superhub?
Continue with a question..Have you tried altering the IP address of the printer to a number outside the normal range used by the PCs or if possible setting it up to be a DHCP client

Only other option is to change from DHCP to static IPs and set it all up to be in the same IP range as the printer (assuming that the printer cannot have its IP changed ot DHCP client set up on it)

Dont know if any of these options will help you, but I would guess that in some way it is IP related

Also when you check in advanced on your superhub on the status page - check that the software version ends in R26 - they did an update last month, and somehow mine didnt accept the update, and started to play up - until the VM engineers managed to force an update during a phone call to them

Good luck!

commented Jun 10, 2011 by Jack Hodgkiss (1 point)
@chaosuk83 Thanks for the reply, I decided to plug the printer directly into the VM SuperHub and it seems to work fine now.

Thanks for the suggestion.
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