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asked Jun 13, 2011 by tmyke (1 point)
Can someone give me detailed instructions as to how to uninstall MacKeeper and get it entirely off of my computer? I can't seem to be rid of it...

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answered Jun 13, 2011 by Fish (7,331 points)
I presume you can drag it to the trash. The best option to get rid of ANY app on Mac is to get a free programme like 'AppCleaner'. These programmes not only get rid of the app but also get rid of any associated .plist files and anything else related. I have MacKeeper myself and I also have AppCleaner. Give it a try and let me know. I would try but I dont want to uninstall it at the moment.

The link to AppCleaner is [here][1].

  [1]: http://www.freemacsoft.net/AppCleaner/
commented Jun 13, 2011 by tmyke (1 point)
Thank you. I downloaded a demo for AppCleaner and it worked. Actually I went through and got rid of a ton of useless junk on my computer.
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answered Jun 13, 2011 by Coljaboy (116 points)
Along with AppCleaner (which I have) a great program is called CleanMyMac by MacPaw. It allows for easy app removal.
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answered Jul 5, 2011 by Sana Paul (46 points)
Hello Guys,
in fact, MacKeeper has an uninstaller so it's more than easy to remove it from your Mac, just follow these steps:

1) quit the app
2)drag&drop it to the trash
3) fill in the survey form: just choose one of the reasons why you've decided to uninstall MacKeeper
4) press 'Uninstall' button
and all the components of MacKeeper will be completely removed from your Mac

It's better not to use another apps to remove MacKeeper as they can leave some files and leftovers may be running in the background. If this happened, the best option is to contact support and follow their instructions.
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