Do you care about Cable management?

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asked Jun 14, 2011 by Ebotman16 (771 points)
I recently revamped my system completely and had to purchase a new PSU, but unfortunately I was restricted by hiding cables by my case and power supply. It is still not finished. I like to have my cables neat and tidy to achieve maximum air-flow inside the case. Are you the same?

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answered Jun 14, 2011 by Gary (1,196 points)
Ya, I don't want a fire hazard
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answered Jun 14, 2011 by Jackster1337 (8,481 points)
I built my rig.

I Love tidy cables.

But I am not very tidy,

So I use cable braid to make it all nice :)

Not the best pic but still...

![alt text][1]

commented Jun 14, 2011 by Ebotman16 (771 points)
What motherboard is that dude?
commented Jun 14, 2011 by Jackster1337 (8,481 points)
One of the Gigabyte ones. Can not think of the number off the top of my head.
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answered Jun 14, 2011 by HerpDerp (2,116 points)
I haven't built my own system, but I assume I would be big on cable management too. I live where it's pretty hot in the summer and isn't terribly cool inside. I would NEED good airflow.
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answered Jun 15, 2011 by Yogi (955 points)
Yes, i do, because i have a mess with cables all the time as my space management is the bad.
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answered Jun 15, 2011 by KylePolansky (1,956 points)
If I have all the hardware as I want it, I will usually take a little time to route the cables. I have quite a few older desktops, so I'm constantly switching out different pieces of hardware. Its very annoying to zip-tie something, and then have to cut it an hour later because I decide to add another HD.

This also brings me to the point of modifying cases. On one of my half size cases I twist tied a GPU fan to some HD power cables. This appears to cool the HDs, even though if the case was moving, the fan would probably fall off. I have also managed to put 11 HDs into a case designed for 2. This required IDE and SATA cables to be stretched a little farther than usual so I had some problems making it look neat. The biggest problem I had was keeping the fans in places away from cables.

I guess if I had to summarize, I would say that I keep the cables out of the way, but don't make sure they are perfect in each hole in the case. It's just too much trouble to re-run the cables all the time. Maybe I'll spend more time when I get a glass sided case.
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