do you think Apple will move from intel to Arm Processor in the future

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asked Jun 19, 2011 by diyufire (16 points)
I have heard a lot of rummors about Apple Making a switch from Intel to Arm Processor that been around since 1983 and has past history with Apple and is in are Ipads and Iphone could be in are are Macs soon right now Nvidia is working with Arm to develop a high power Processor wich we might see in are future Macs. What do all of you think of the chances and this happening?

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answered Jun 19, 2011 by diyufire (16 points)
I have heard Microsoft is going to make Windows compatible with Arm Processor so I think we will be seeing them in PCs to.
commented Jun 19, 2011 by DazOwen (5,876 points)
ARM processors for Windows 8 in the tablets is looking likely. However  in the desktop environment I don't think so.
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answered Jun 19, 2011 by Fish (7,331 points)
In the distant future yes but not soon. ARM's are more likely to appear in tablets first.
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answered Jun 19, 2011 by beStoN (216 points)
That battle was won before the x86 architecture was even born, as RISC processors (descendents of ARM) have been around and in heavy use since the age of dinosaurs.

Yes, Apple already target ARM machines; Take a look at the specifications for the processor in the iPad. Microsoft is also making the switch, not that this is a large effort. Most of their codebase is probably in C and/or C++, and they've probably already rewritten the bootloader and are in testing phase[.][1]

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answered Jun 20, 2011 by simeonlatham (86 points)
I think apple is doing what they did with the power pc platform is in they have people working on it now and will likely start around 2015 give or take a few years depending on how both platforms continue and if Intel do-sent match ARM with efficiency.
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answered Jun 20, 2011 by pcknowsbest (1,486 points)
If Macs get rid of Intel processors I will not but them anymore
commented Jun 28, 2011 by diyufire (16 points)
dont be so negative  I honestly hated OS 09 I did like OS 10  even on the G5 eMachen OS runs Awsome they switch to intel they even got better when boot camp happen but intel isn't the best CPU for Editing Movies and Pictures and stuff like that in fact I feel AMD is better at that than intel but intel does blow away AMD when it comes to gaming  and Apple never seem to stick with one CPU for and long period of time they seem to only stick with a platform for 10 years and do sup prizing and big changes after that . Since Windows is going to work on ARM CPU I dont see boot camp going any where soon  just hopefully a better CPU switch.
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