iPad2: Do photos get resized when uploaded onto the device?

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asked Jun 20, 2011 by Schlomo82 (46 points)
I'm into photography and I was wondering if my photos (shot with 10.2
megapixels) get changed in size by apple's "photo app" automatically.
The thing is, I'd like to be able to edit photos on my iPad and still
send them to somebody or upload them at a larger size than, say, 50kb.
commented Jun 21, 2011 by sillymansam (366 points)
You're dealing with what is call a MFT (micro four thirds) cmos sensor on the camera. The micro meaning there is no mirror involved. These sensors are small therefor producing a small .jpeg file. 10.2 is only describing the pixels. Megapixels does not regulate file size, physical sensor size does(larger the size the more information able to be captured).

As far as the hardware on the iPad I'm not sure on. Check in your camera settings and look for quality and set it to max quality. I just wouldn't get your hopes up if it doesn't increase your file size. Your best option is to save up for an actual camera whether it being point-n-shoot or a beginner DSLR.

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