Sennheiser - CX500s vs IE8s

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asked Jun 23, 2011 by Arty (676 points)
My pair of CX500s is starting to give up on me sadly. I loved them and they were a gread pair of headphones. But I was curious about upgrading instead of replacing. The next step up from the cx500s seems to be the IE8s, which are a big step up. They're over $200 more expensive.

Has anyone owned a pair of IE8s? If so, is the price justified? Are they really 5x better than the CX500s? If they're only a little better, then I don't want to be disappointed.

Also, am I missing something? Is there some intermediate headphones between the CX500s and IE8s? Not counting the CX680s, because I found them uncomfortable, and horribly tacky. Feel free to suggest other brands too if theres something worth mentioning.

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