Highschool Transfer?

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asked Jun 27, 2011 by Roman (1 point)
**I'm going to be a freshman!** :O Also, the time to file transfers usually happens at the beginning of the year & I may have already missed the deadline...**Del Mar** starts in August 21st, how will I be able to do this ASAP! I don't live in none of the campbell or san jose unified districts..**I live in the East side.** [Alum Rock district] Btw, my mom already enrolled me to *Willow Glen High* but she said if I have a really good reason and plan she might let me go to **Del Mar *'Really want to go there!'*** I can still file the transfer but I'd probably be put on a waiting list.:/ If there's a special circumstance, my parents can make this known to school officials & maybe it'd get approved on that alone.
Do we give the school a call and ask? Do we need to change our residential address OR go to **Del Mar** and ask them if I can attend their school [Campbell District] (usually they allow it if a parent works in the area). And my mom is only working there for a year so.. :I [Campbell District] but idk I really want to go **(Del Mar)**. If the only way to go to another school is to use a friend's address, my parents will have to set this up for me. One of my parents will have to go to the school district office & file a change of address. **(They might ask for utility bills etc.. to show proof that I live there so) Can someone tell me what can I do in that case?**
My parents aren't together, so my mom can imply that they've separated & one of them is living at the new address--that will help smooth over any possible discrepancies if people find out that I live somewhere else.I might have to look at the new school's classes & find one that is offered there that is not offered where I'm going to -_____- *(Willow Glen)* And then I have to go to contact the new school and find out how I can attend their school because I want to take a class my school doesn't offer. Or ask if they have any space available. Maybe open enrollment?
I really don't know if this plan will work and I seem to **NOT** convince my mom to let me go to that high school.. ;( Any suggestions?
commented Jun 27, 2011 by The Boss (2,141 points)
Just a question, but why are you putting your school name and stuff on the internet?
commented Jun 27, 2011 by snack pack88 (2,011 points)
Well atleast hes not putting his name address and phone number be almost impossible to locate him

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answered Jun 27, 2011 by jeff (811 points)
have your parents deal with that.  considering they are in charge of your life not this Q&A
commented Jun 27, 2011 by The Boss (2,141 points)
Basically this. Your parents will take care of it. We can't help that.
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answered Jun 29, 2011 by Roman (1 point)
I'm not putting my stuff on the internet. I don't see nothing wrong with putting a high school's name on here. Didn't put personal info or something..
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