What's a good android tablet under 500 dollars

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asked Jul 29, 2011 by preston95 (46 points)
The reason i asked that is because i need a tablet for high school because the laptop i have is finally met its end is coming and want to get a tablet to replace it because it would be easier to carry around and have better battery life. my laptop gets maybe 3 minutes when taken off the charger and thats poor the its onlt 3 years old and trying to get some money saved up to buy one .was thinking of either getting a xoom or an asus iconia A500 which one do u think is the better tablet. o was going more toward the asus because of the nice backing on it and its cheap price tag but still loaded with features of the more expensive xoom.

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answered Jul 29, 2011 by korin125 (576 points)
First of all are you talking about the ASUS Transformer or the ACER Iconia? Second, if you are replacing a laptop I would recommend buying a tablet with a keyboard dock. Both Asus and Acer have docks built for their devices so check the prices in you local store to see which one is the better deal. (In my area I have been seeing various sales lately)

I personally have the Asus transformer and I love it, but I am unable to find the keyboard dock in stock.
commented Jul 29, 2011 by preston95 (46 points)
i was talking about the iconia and i could always buy a bluetoooth keyboard if i need one for the xoom and the iconia the asus icona at my store i think at walmart iss 398 if i rember
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