Please Help Me Finish Setting Up Lion Server. (Desperate Need Of Help)

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asked Jul 29, 2011 by Justin OReilly (346 points)
I use to have server 10.6 running like a charm but now it is just a nightmare trying to get 10.7 up and running.
Its all basic setup but nothing I do seems to work. It keeps directing things to the wrong places.

If anyone could help it would be greatly appreciated.

I currently have dns set up like this dns


when i type the web address of it will not take me to the doc root it just shows a page saying "It Works!"


1 Answer

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answered Jul 29, 2011 by macmanmcmanaman (180 points)
Well you need to run the server app, and if you haven't already, need to download and install the server admin tools on apples website
commented Jul 29, 2011 by Justin OReilly (346 points)
I have already completed those steps, DNS is set up like it was when it was on 10.6
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