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asked Aug 2, 2011 by tj00139 (551 points)
(I don't know if I'm actually allowed to talk about this, close at will :)

Is there any way I can access Hulu from the UK? I'm talking Chrome/Firefox extensions etc.

I like it and enjoyed using it when I was in the US. You yanks get all the good stuff !
commented Aug 2, 2011 by catchatyou (97,380 points)
You Brits had Spotify for the longest time...

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answered Aug 2, 2011 by Dylan Farnan (1 point)
I suggest you do a search for "American VPN Services".  Once you are connected to an American VPN server you can view Hulu and other US geographically restricted content.
commented Aug 2, 2011 by tj00139 (551 points)
I'll try that. Many thanks.
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answered Aug 3, 2011 by Cateye Productions (2,305 points)
You could use an American Proxy. Many times these are problematic, are slow, and sometimes don't work. Most of the good proxy's cost money. You could also try a Hulu alternative, personally, I like this website called [Blinkx][1]. I am not %100 percent sure if this will work in the UK, but it's worth a shot. Google is your friend when it comes to this. Good luck!

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answered Aug 3, 2011 by barnsleynut (586 points)
Try tor project (Google it) and keep clicking new identity until you get a fast enough US proxy
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