Why does it seem that not as tech savvy use Mac and Nerds use Windows? (I am not one for stereotypes)

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asked Aug 10, 2011 by Caelan (1,656 points)
Well it seems that Mac users aren't as tech savvy and are "cool" such as nice build, collar length hair,jacket ,and maybe very normal, and it seems that Windows users have glasses, a little bit out of it, mathematically correct about about a bunch of stuff, and are just under average personalities? I REALLY do NOT believe this at all. What do you think and why does it seem that way? Glad to hear your answers all of the time! I don't believe it even though Bill Gates and Steve Jobs is a good example.
commented Aug 11, 2011 by Drmgiver (1,266 points)
I am just a bit curious as to what those 10 OS's are and why you need them all.  Care to enlighten me? :)
commented Aug 11, 2011 by GadgetSuperhero (1,054 points)
So yes, I am very expienced with operating systems.

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answered Aug 10, 2011 by wgfinley (216 points)
I don't think Mac users are any less tech savvy, especially when your start comparing the bottom rung of tech skills (there are a lot of rich PC repairmen making tons of money because of stupid Windows users). However, most "geeks" want to tweak everything to their heart's desire. Macs, being the walled garden they are, are inherently not like that. You basically have to buy a Mac Pro to be able to do that. Therein lies the main difference, most of us just come to like the walled garden - you get more stuff done.
commented Aug 11, 2011 by kmark937 (966 points)
>most of us just come to like the walled garden - you get more stuff done.

Provided that what you actually want to do is within this "walled garden." I believe you're confusing the software and hardware versions of the term "walled garden."
commented Aug 12, 2011 by wgfinley (216 points)
Must be a PC user, to Mac users they're pretty much the same thing. If you are going to use the Mac OS you have to use a Mac (unless you are into Hackintosh), that isn't true for Windows and PCs.

But this is the typical response to the walled garden, did I not address the tradeoff? As someone who has built many PCs from scratch going back to when Cyrix still existed I think I know what I can do with a PC and Windows and as of yet I haven't found anything a PC can do that a Mac can't. And as DJ says below I've met many Mac users who know their way around the command line, almost no Windows users who do.
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answered Aug 10, 2011 by FlavioGomes (226 points)
I know why, since mac is like easier to use, they would end up paying more for something thats easy to learn for somebody who is less tech savy. But not for somebody who is constantly changing things up, add parts or doing codes, then that would be a tech savy person using a windows operating system which is much more openbased, then as with mac which is more private with their computers and os, this is what i think i hope it helps! .
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answered Aug 10, 2011 by TRASH (166 points)
It used to be the other way around... that is until Mac became popular (mainly due to the iPod)...
I think though that @wgfinley has a good point though... Macs aren't very tweak-able any more... whilst PCs are... That may lie though more in the fact that Apple make the Mac computers exclusively, while Windows doesn't.... Another good point is that Macs cost more than a comparable PC... so those who are more tech savvy buy PCs and then add-on and/or upgrade them... Also many tech savvy people (esp. gamers) build their own computers... and you can't do that with Apple (unless you build a hackintosh...which is semi-illegal)
commented Aug 10, 2011 by FlavioGomes (226 points)
@DJ Electfire exactly like what i said too? lol
commented Aug 10, 2011 by TRASH (166 points)
Sorry @FlavioGomes your comment didn't show up when I typed my comment...

*True geeks (read: hackers) and use #Linux/Unix *
commented Aug 10, 2011 by FlavioGomes (226 points)
thats true!! @DJ Electfire
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answered Aug 10, 2011 by rahul247rocks (261 points)
becuase Mac OS is cool and Apple is used in the entertainment industry...
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answered Aug 10, 2011 by Yarvaxea (3,996 points)
I've always said that macs are for my granny who don't know jack about computers. I got one myself and that slogan 'it just works' worked pretty well. It was nice to not have to fiddle around with settings in order to get it to work.. Although I don't like being imprisoned in my own computer -.-
commented Aug 10, 2011 by Caelan (1,656 points)
I can see how that makes since.
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answered Aug 10, 2011 by ryebread761 (7,676 points)
I own a Mac and I consider myself tech savvy. Though my Mac is dual-booted with windows for gaming and there is a old IBM Thinkcenter sitying right beside it...
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answered Aug 10, 2011 by Andrei_Iurea (970 points)
You are stereotyping people....look at Chris for example he is a nerd and he uses a mac...
commented Aug 11, 2011 by Caelan (1,656 points)
STEREOTYPING? I simply said in the question I don't believe this... wow...
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answered Aug 10, 2011 by firebirdtransam (601 points)
i don't think it's stereotyping at all, i think its more of what do you see the value in it? if you're a gamer, paying outrageous prices for specifications that don't seem worth it all can usually be a major turnoff to us high tech pc users, and yet despite the consistently lower end specs, it doesn't stop the entertainment industry from using macs as the most widely accepted form of editing photos & videos. part of this also has to come with the peace of mind that macs offer, not worrying about viruses or malware, and also having a backup utility built into mac, it makes it easier to store important files in the event they are lost. yes, windows has third party backup support, but its not 100% implemented into the OS or enforced. usually you have to pay for a pricey external hard drive & deal with some weird software to get your backup running. honestly, i would rather have a mac if it was affordable, but id rather spend 2 grand plus on a kick ass gaming desktop/laptop, not 2 grand on an aluminum computer that has specs from last year. also, it boils down to support, when something goes wrong with a mac, apple is generally really willing to help with the problem, whereas most OEM pc companies don't offer the same amazing level of support that apple does. so even though its more of an upfront cost than a pc, some may take into consideration the fact that if something goes wrong, they don't have to worry about much of a loss at downtime.
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answered Aug 11, 2011 by Joel (536 points)
Microsoft made Office, the most popular software of its kind.  The businessmen who need to keep a spreadsheet don't have much incentive to pay extra for a Mac so they can run Excel.  The main use I see for Macs is video/photo/audio processing; those people are usually more creative and less "nerdy".  Also the people who want to custom build or upgrade hardware often (the real geeky ones) need a computer that they can open and buy parts for.  Even Mac Pros are "user friendly" inside and limit what you can do.  Many PCs have one or two thumb screws until you can access the RAM, hard drive, CPU, video card, PSU, etc.

Macs limit what people do with the software.  How many color themes do you get?  Two only (on Snow Leopard at least), and they don't change the appearance much.  That might not bother most people, but I think the "nerds" like making their computer unique.  There are many areas that Windows is much more customize-able than Mac OS.

Windows is easier for the "nerds" to learn how to be that way.  The registry is easy to edit with the built in registry editor, but to do similar things on a Mac you likely need to know how to use the Terminal.  People with a strong *nix background will be comfortable in the Terminal, but for inexperienced users regedit is easier.
commented Aug 11, 2011 by Duodave (4,646 points)
I'd like to point out that Microsoft Word for Mac, Microsoft Excel for Mac and Microsoft Office for Mac predate Microsoft Office for Windows 1.0. So it seems that Microsoft did consider the Mac a serious business platform before their own.
commented Aug 11, 2011 by Joel (536 points)
It's hard to live without being able to at least open Microsoft Office documents.  Microsoft sees a chance to make money from Mac users, that's why they still sell it.

At the time Microsoft released the first version of Office, Mac OS was not targeted at multimedia creation/editing, it was targeted at the inexperienced computer users who wanted a point-and-click computer.  Many things have changed in the last 21 years.
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answered Aug 11, 2011 by TechNinja (191 points)
Windows has less restrictions than the Mac OS X operating system, and therefore some people that prefer to fully customize every aspect of their computer (i.e. some Tech Savvy people) prefer Windows, due to both the software and (especially) hardware customizing potential . Additionally, it is commonly viewed (I don't want to have a Mac vs. PC war here) that the Mac OS X operating system is easier to use for the average person than Windows is. However, I do want to note that I am extremely tech-savvy, and I much prefer using Mac OS X than Windows. It seems like a more stable operating system that can be utilized for more creative tasks. When I need to use Windows (which I am also very savvy with), I just boot-into it with Bootcamp. You could also look at how people were raised as a source of which OS they prefer. I find the point moot, however, as I was raised as "a PC," and I grew my love for macs from experience. I must say, though, that I do have to agree that in my experience, the stereotype of Mac techies being more artsy and less geek-like than Windows techies holds true. Macs are just better for creative stuff, and Windows is better for hardcore hacking.
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