Looking for some help with setting up a blog but don't know where to start with it.

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asked Aug 17, 2011 by Studio66Designs (421 points)
I will be allowing you to be setting up your own blog and your own account name and being able to upload your own wallpapers for designers and for you wallpaper fans. I need some help coding it and allowing people to sign up for the site. I need some help doing the work and I can get the help over Skype and my email is alec@ajcshow.com

my Skype- Freakwithrobe

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answered Aug 17, 2011 by whiteyonenh (61 points)
I'm curious, why reinvent the wheel here? there's many free blog sites already?

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answered Aug 17, 2011 by Studio66Designs (421 points)
I am on Wordpress and I am looking for people to like upload there own wallpapers and have usernames and there own pages
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