Mac boot up to grey screen

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asked Aug 18, 2011 by macman118118 (16 points)
I have an iMac G5. it was running fine but suddenly it froze, so I was forced to hold down the power button until it turned off.
Then when I went to boot it up, it all looked normal and then instead of booting to Mac OS X it froze on a white/gray screen.
My HDD was full when this happened so I wonder if it does not have room to write the files for bootup and crashes?
But when I try and boot the Snow Leopard disk or Lion disk it just does the same. After lots of reading I think I just need to format the HDD but how if I can not boot the from CD to get to Disk Utility?

If anyone could help it would be appreciated.  


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answered Aug 18, 2011 by HerpDerp (2,116 points)
Well, here's your first problem. You're trying to boot with a Snow Leopard and Lion disk on an iMac *G5* . G5s can *NOT* run Snow Leopard, let alone Lion. You need an Intel processor for those. Try a Leopard disk if you can.
commented Aug 18, 2011 by macman118118 (16 points)
mine is intel core 2 duo with 3gb of ram
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