How can I save voicemails from a Blackberry to my computer?

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asked Aug 18, 2011 by GoldenSteph (31 points)
My Mother recently passed away and I have been saving voicemails she left for me on my Blackberry Tour. I don't want to lose them, hearing her voice has really helped me cope.

Is there a way to convert voicemail to mp3?

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answered Aug 18, 2011 by TJRichards160 (196 points)
I am so sorry to here that! But I don't think you can do that. Maybe try using a microphone and recording them onto your computer. I am sorry, but that is all I can think of right now.
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answered Aug 18, 2011 by JackS (11 points)
I too am sorry for your loss. I searched high and low when I went through the same thing ... I lost my Dad. I had about 4-5 VM's saved on my cell phone.

I used - It was really easy. After you use their service you can log into their website and download a mp3 copy of the voicemails.
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answered Aug 19, 2011 by GoldenSteph (31 points)
Thank you so much Jack!!! It worked great I was able to save it as a mp3 with Voicemails forever - You have no idea how much this means to me. I'm so happy I posted this question here!

Thank you again
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answered Aug 19, 2011 by JackS (11 points)
No problem, glad I could help :)
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