Choosing brands for your self build

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asked Aug 19, 2011 by Donal100 (61 points)
Hi,i've been thinking about doing by first self build and i'm not sure which brand products to use. I was thinking of doing a home computer but using high endish products so it will still be capable of running future systems for a good few years. Dos anyone have some opinions on product brands and if you have any experience with that product could you say about your expiernce while using it and if you have any suggestions on what I should stay away from.
Thank you for your time.

Donal Mac Fhionnlaoich

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answered Aug 19, 2011 by lq (49,870 points)
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answered Aug 19, 2011 by Jackster1337 (8,481 points)
- CPU, AMD or Intel
 - MOBO, Gigabyte or MSI
 -  GPU, **NOT XFX!** MSI, ASUS HDs,
 - Samsung and WD
 - SSDs, Muskin, Kingston,   ( I have not heard OCZ being that good with the life of the SSD)
 - Case, CoolMaster, TBH they all are very good nower days.--
commented Aug 21, 2011 by Ebotman16 (771 points)
What's wrong with XFX?
commented Aug 21, 2011 by Jackster1337 (8,481 points)
They are crap.....
commented Aug 21, 2011 by Ebotman16 (771 points)
No their not, they make great products.
commented Aug 21, 2011 by Jackster1337 (8,481 points)
No they don't
They are cheap and don't work. I build computers for a living I know my hardware.
commented Aug 21, 2011 by Ebotman16 (771 points)
I know my hardware too and I've never had a problem with them.
commented Aug 21, 2011 by Jackster1337 (8,481 points)
Lucky you then
commented Aug 23, 2011 by josephLtech (1,696 points)
I heard Gigabyte is crap too. Just sayin! I also heard WD is bad too...But That was the last time I looked. Like you said, every company has their cheap lines and good ones!
commented Aug 23, 2011 by Michael Graham (196 points)
Not asus motherboard? My ASUS formula V crosshair has served me well.
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answered Aug 19, 2011 by Donal100 (61 points)
Thank you for such fast feedback. I have just finisheed reading through that link and i will use it alot thanks. Also thank you for your suggestions i'll look them up when i have free time.
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answered Aug 19, 2011 by tsilb (47,280 points)
Go to the online stores such as Newegg, TigerDirect, etc. and compare the reviews. That right there will tell you to avoid some companies like Mushkin and G.Skill, and run toward companies like Corsair and EVGA.  Having said that, even the best brands have cheap lines alongside their good ones.  You get what you pay for.
commented Aug 21, 2011 by stb109 (121 points)
what's wrong with g.skill?
commented Aug 22, 2011 by tsilb (47,280 points)
Cheaper products = cheaper quality.
commented Aug 24, 2011 by Jackster1337 (8,481 points)
Mushkin kick ass. I have there ram in my servers and they all run fine. Also have them OCed in my gaming rig.
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answered Aug 19, 2011 by Duodave (4,646 points)
To be honest theres only a few things that can go wrong. Luckily there's not many processor companies, when you buy a cpu you have to make sure the motherboard has a socket that works with the cpu you selected. Many of the graphics cards these days use a subset of instructions made by very few companies, so as long as you don't skimp and go for the motherboard-embedded stuff you can't really go too wrong there either.

In my opinion what you really need to look out for is the case. This is something people don't think enough about. You don't really want some awesomely cool-looking case with clear sides and cool-looking grates. Go to a good store like Frys and take a good look at the cases, hands-on. You want something that can be easily opened, possibly with hinges. You probably want at least a 450 watt power supply, in case you want to add devices in the future. And some of the best cases I've seen had drive brackets that snap out, or slide out, or have swinging hinges. Very cool stuff from a maintenance point of view. One of my favorite cases has insulation on the side panels to reduce noise.

You also might want round ribbon cables for that clean look inside. They also aren't as easily damaged because they don't bend in wacky angles like regular ribbon cables do.
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answered Aug 21, 2011 by Donal100 (61 points)
I know how to do it all it's just that it's my first time and i don't know what is good and what I should stay clear of.
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answered Aug 21, 2011 by guineaphinea (271 points)
If anything, try to implement an Intel Core i7 into your build.  These things are fast as lightning.  If you are not a fan of the iCore series, I suggest an Intel Core 2 Quad.  Both of these are great choices.  The reason I say Intel over AMD in this case is that Intel's are better all around and AMD processors are better for strict gaming.
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answered Aug 21, 2011 by ChuckysChild (671 points)
**cpu: intel(for my next build it will be the 2600k).  cpu cooling:
    always go with 3rd party cooling
    even if you do not plan to
    overclock. mobo: asus or
    gigabyte(either is always worth the
    premium price). video card(s): evga.
    hdd's: western digital. dvd/cd
    burner:  toshiba or samsung(been
    using these brands since win 95 and
    never a problem). memory: depends on
    the mobo manufacture and model.
    sound:  with todays boards the
    on-board is as good as current
    mid-range addon cards, if you are
    going to do an addon on card make it
    one of creative's x-fi series. power
    suppl;y: apevia(i have been using
    apevia for years and never a
    problem). mouse: microsoft
    wireless(cheaper than logitech and
    just as easy to configure).
    keyboard: depends on the
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answered Aug 21, 2011 by Ebotman16 (771 points)
CPU : Intel or AMD (AMD if you have a low budget)

Motherboard : GIGABYTE or ASUS

Graphics Card : nVidia or ATI (MSi, XFX, GIGABYTE, ASUS)

RAM : Corsair or G-Skill

PSU : Corsair (HX Series) or Silverstone Strider series

Case : Coolermaster or Antec

Fans : Noctua

CPU Cooler : Noctua or Coolermaster

HDD : Seagate or Western Digital

SSD : Kingston, Corsair or Intel

DVD Drive : LG or Sony

Fan Controller : Silverstone or NZXT
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answered Aug 22, 2011 by roguekiller23231 (4,316 points)
There really is no poor brand (unless you get a 5$ PSU from china)

The best brands really depend what you want to do and on your budget. If you got the money and want something powerful I'd probably lean towards:

CPU - Intel

CPU cooler -Corsair - Noctua - Zalman

RAM - Corsair - Kingston - OCZ - Geil

Graphics - Nvidia

Hard drive - this really doesn't matter, people have different preferences on companies, but if your going SSD then it's a different story, they all have there merits but very with speed and reliability.

Optical Drive- anything

Power supply - Corsair

If your on a budget i'd switch CPU to an AMD and probably use stock cooler, and switch from Nvidia to any ATI type card.

It all really depends on your needs and budget. Don't make a future proof PC, make one that works for your needs and it will probably be future proof for you, at least for the next 3-5 years.
commented Aug 24, 2011 by Michael Graham (196 points)
Id personally go more towards AMD, money no object intel is better but you can pick up the AMD 1100T black edition for a reasonable price, more for your money in the mid-high range market. Thats my opinion, as i say, money no object intel is what id go for. As with power supply, spot on, i have corsairs 1000W, and it actually gives 1000W of power, i have no worry with that under achieving.
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