I`m interested in getting into minecraft, where should i start?

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asked Aug 19, 2011 by Ztag100 (1,481 points)
I have been interested in minecraft for quites some time, it seems like fun. How should I start playing?
commented Aug 21, 2011 by Ztag100 (1,481 points)
Incase you were wondering, my dad is going to buy me the game for eid. (just ten more days)

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answered Aug 19, 2011 by korin125 (576 points)
You need to get some friends together, find a server to play on (or start up your own! :) ), and get on Skype!

I played with 10 friends for 12 hours a day for a week.
We were addicted.
commented Aug 19, 2011 by Ztag100 (1,481 points)
Nice! do i need a powerful computer to play? do I need a powerful computer to run the server stuff? Does it need to be a server operaying system? Or can it just be normal windows?
commented Aug 19, 2011 by Yarvaxea (3,996 points)
any computer can run minecraft.. the server will need a more powerful PC sure, but still I can run a minecraft server on my mums old laptop.  
A word of advice though.. Many of my friends started playing minecraft, I haven't seen nor heard from them in months. This game is cursed!
commented Aug 19, 2011 by Madison Tries (6,121 points)
"any computer can run minecraft.." No, not true. Though it can run on my sisters net-book... at 5fps...
commented Aug 20, 2011 by korin125 (576 points)
Most computers can *run* Minecraft, but even my gaming laptop that can play all new games at max detail will start to heat up playing Minecraft... a lot.

Also, learning to run your own Minecraft server can be a very interesting experience. As a particular kind of geek I have much more fun running a server and testing plugins than actually playing the game itself!
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answered Aug 19, 2011 by TRASH (166 points)
I would buy it first of course! (ok just joking.....)
I would start with the basic (Vanilla as it's called) Minecraft... no mods at first - to get used to Minecraft...
then after a few days (of dying.. jk) I would get two mods - (1) Too many items - it's an in game inventory editor -great if you love to build stuff... and (2) Single Player Commands - this allows you to do such things as fly (quite fun actually),change the time,change the weather, and edit the world ( great for building large structures!)

Once you get used to single player... then join a sever of start one with your friends...
There are (way too many) videos on youtube if you want to see various mods (modifications, textures, or if you need help  on how to create something (esp. helpful if you have problems with redstone (like me > <!)... also many people love to show off what they have created on youtube and there are also many (READ: Too many) "let's play Minecraft" series.... Just searching "Minecraft" on youtube will yield a lot of results... some are good some are bad... Anyways... Minecraft is cool if you like to build, make music, make pixel art, play PvP, survival... pretty much anything!
commented Aug 19, 2011 by TRASH (166 points)
Oh and sorry for the long response! I got a bit carried away, I too have only recently gotten into Minecraft... and to say I am addicted to it would be putting it lightly! I love how universal Minecraft is ~ There I go again! Anyways I probably stop writing before I end up writing a whole novel on Minecraft! (oh and BTW my Minecraft username is DJElectfire or Unknowable/Unknownable (I use both spellings > < !)
commented Aug 21, 2011 by Ztag100 (1,481 points)
very helpful! thanks :0
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answered Aug 19, 2011 by N2505 (161 points)
single player first -play some survival for a few days-, then multiplayer, If you want a nice multiplayer server, post a comment and i'll give you the address of the server I play on.
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answered Aug 19, 2011 by Madison Tries (6,121 points)
http://minecraftwiki.net - Everything you need to know.
http://www.minecraft.net/help.jsp - A few tutorials are here.

I would not recommend watching "How to Survive Your First Night on Minecraft" on the lockergnome youtube channel...
Sorry Chris, but some of the info is wrong/misleading. D:
commented Aug 19, 2011 by Ztag100 (1,481 points)
good to know. Thanks!
commented Aug 24, 2011 by AlanStryder (2,031 points)
A subsection of the minecraft wiki is the crafting section:

I still refer to this thing.  It's indispensable.

And the section on logic gates:
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answered Aug 19, 2011 by Tim Fontana (16,355 points)
A server is a good way to get to know people and get used to the game, if you want one to join, let me know and I Admin one that you should like.
commented Aug 19, 2011 by Ztag100 (1,481 points)
Cool, i just need to convince my dad to buy me the game. Once I do, ill let uknow. :)
commented Sep 1, 2011 by Ztag100 (1,481 points)
Hey Tim, finnaly got the game... can you send me your IP?
commented Sep 1, 2011 by Tim Fontana (16,355 points)
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