Macbook Pro After Effects Settings

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asked Aug 21, 2011 by Justin OReilly (346 points)
I have a 2010 MBP 15" i7 w/ 4gb ram
Can someone please tell me the best settings to use to preview videos and just make it work faster
I have a composition and it takes forever just to scrub threw

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answered Aug 21, 2011 by sfrancis928 (2,716 points)
I'm not an AE pro but I'll try to give you some advice.

Make sure that in your Composition tab the resolution is set to Automatic so it isn't trying to render full-resolution frames when it doesn't need to.

In the Preview tab (if you haven't already done these things), try setting the resolution to automatic, lowering the frame rate, and maybe setting it to skip a frame or two. This will help for RAM Previews, but not for general scrubbing.

I have a 15" mid-2009 MBP with 4GB RAM and a much slower processor, and I do okay with it. It's always good to be conscious of the complexity of your comp and try to achieve the results you want in the simplest ways possible. You might also consider upgrading your RAM to 8GB. I'm planning on doing that soon and I know it will speed things up a lot.
commented Aug 21, 2011 by Justin OReilly (346 points)
Do you think it would be possible if you could render a video for me?
i have been playing around and i just cant seem to get it right

I have the AE file all i need to do is match up the 1 audio file to the video but i cant do that since i cant get it to preview.
commented Aug 21, 2011 by sfrancis928 (2,716 points)
Is the syncing the audio file the only thing you need to do? Because usually AE is not the place to do any sort of audio editing. Do you have Premiere? If so, you can open the AE comp in Premiere and sync the audio there. If you don't have Premiere you could render out the comp without the audio and bring it into whatever editing software you have and sync it that way. And with your processor you could render the comp way faster than I could.

But if that's not the only issue I could help you out.
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