[Update] What MacBook pro should I get? 15 inch

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asked Aug 22, 2011 by fmafanxiii (1 point)
I shall be using the MacBook pro for the basic needs. Meaning email, surfing the web. And will also be using iMovie 11. Should I either get the 2.0 ghz or 2.2 ghz or 2.3 ghz. Note: will be watching HD Netflix movies & YouTube in hd. With iMovie I will be adding special effects and sound effects. Also I will be using green screen.

2 Answers

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answered Aug 22, 2011 by PCLinux7 (1,275 points)
The 2.0GHz base model should be fine.
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answered Aug 22, 2011 by techzany (286 points)
Yes. I think the 2.0Ghz will be good enough. If you are doing a fair bit of intense movie editing, maybe the 2.3 would be better.  Otherwise, the 2.0 will be great!
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