Wi-Fi causes health problems?

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asked Aug 30, 2011 by Jan Cauchi (436 points)
 I was wondering if Wi-Fi routers are a threat to our health. I have mine a few centimetres away in my room and it has been operating for 2 years now.

Should I be concerned and change it's place?

Appreciate your feedback


3 Answers

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answered Aug 30, 2011 by IstBarP (116 points)
i don't think there is any conclusive evidence that electromagnetic fields hurt health. or for that matter doesn't hurt health..

but a Wi-Fi router sends out electro magnetic fields.. like our cellphones.. but havn't really heard of any taking any damage from a cell phone yet! :)

if i were you (since the field is pretty strong at the source (wi-fi router)) i would move it a bit.
commented Aug 30, 2011 by Jan Cauchi (436 points)
thank you for your answer. I might move it a bit...
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answered Aug 31, 2011 by lordhead96 (291 points)
If wi-fi causes health problems i would have been dead 5 years ago.
commented Aug 31, 2011 by Jan Cauchi (436 points)
so I shouldn't worry about the Wi-Fi router?
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answered Aug 31, 2011 by sillymansam (366 points)
I think we are a bit more versatile to with stand radio waves. If we weren't cosmic radio waves that are much stronger would have obliterated us by now...
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