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asked Sep 8, 2011 by PolishJamaican (86 points)
I am not releasing any channel names here so I will use FIRST NAMES of the people on about for privacy's sake.

I am Chris, the person who is also involved in this issue is Zack.

The situation is I own a quite good community channel. Zack joined me two weeks ago and had about 10 uploads. His uploads really almost destroyed our view count as he spammed them and they were not so good content. After a while, I tried to limit Zack and he wouldn't stop.

Then when I had invited him into a conversation with some friends over an issue Id not like to discuss, he became a real asshole. After that point, I could hardly trust him and didn't let him do much. Then he showed up more and more as a mentally ill asshole. Then. I fired him.

He made two various videos flaming my channel filled with lies. It would be good If I can remove these, but there is nothing I can really do to be honest and don't care as much as I will explain.

He has flagged his videos on my channel and waiting for them to go through, so I need an answer fast.  He agreed, not over YouTube but MSN that I would only let him upload if he agreed to let the videos belong to the channel when he uploads them, In exchange for letting them upload to us and if they upload the same videos they posted to us on their channel, no matter how angry any of us get, we would not flag him for anything.

Is there such way to flag his two videos about us? Privacy infringements do not work.

Is there such way to contact YouTube and have an experienced member of staff review the situation where I can talk and get this sorted using my true version of the story?

Even though he agreed, he still claims it is his content. Thoguh he did agree to make it ours, So who's is it really?

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answered Sep 8, 2011 by Steven Hibbs (4,641 points)
Usually YouTube partners have direct access to someone at YouTube. If you can't find anyone on the support page or contact page, I'm not sure who you could talk to about this. It's a huge site and I'm sure videos get flagged by users all the time. Sorry I don't really have an answer but other than taking him to a civil court I don't know what you could do.
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