iMac, 8 or 4GB of RAM?

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asked Sep 14, 2011 by Matthew567 (1 point)
Hi, I'm looking at buying a new Mac, iMac specifically. I was wondering if I should get the iMac 21.5" with 4GB of RAM, or build to order 8GB 21.5". I currently have a Mac Mini with 4GB of RAM with a Core 2 Duo 2.53GHZ. It runs a little more slowly with Lion and has a lot of trouble with iPhoto and Garageband. I would use it for photo editing, full screen apps, email, web browsing, GarageBand with multiple tracks and extended desktop. Which iMac would be best for me?

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answered Sep 14, 2011 by xcalybur (748 points)
The more memory the better, but I would order the 4GB model and buy extra ram online and install it yourself. The iMac's are ridiculous to upgrade on your own. The iMac has 4 slots and the 4GB model has two of them filled with 2GB sticks. That means you have 2 open slots. Personally, I'd go to and buy 2 4GB sticks and install them yourself. That would give you a total of 12GB and for less than Apple would have charged you for the 8GB model.
commented Sep 14, 2011 by Matthew567 (1 point)
Thanks. I'll do that.
commented Sep 14, 2011 by Lee Wood (2,385 points)
Xcalybyr hit the nail on the head :-)
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