all ports closed

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asked Sep 14, 2011 by sandeep6188 (1 point)
m not able to download torrents. i usually download in bitcomet, all ports are blocked.
commented Sep 14, 2011 by Jackster1337 (8,481 points)
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answered Sep 15, 2011 by Gorath (76 points)
While your grammar, spelling, and punctuation are less than desirable, I'll enlighten you.

There are a few reasons: Your router is not supporting uPnP OR Bitcomet is not sending out uPnP requests to your router and your router is not letting in torrent connections, therefore you need to go and port forward them manually.

You also need to take into account, has Windows automatically added exceptions for your Torrent program or have you added exceptions to your Windows Firewall? (assuming you are using Windows)

I am not a fan of Bitcomet, I would recommend uTorrent instead.
commented Sep 15, 2011 by Alastor Moody (6,476 points)
As a disclaimer: uPnP poses a security risk if its enabled via your router. Also, be careful how you use torrents and I hope bitcoin works out for you. I've heard a lot about bitcoin from Steve Gibson on Security Now, very cool system.
commented Sep 15, 2011 by Gorath (76 points)
Its a security risk no doubt, but not if you keep your PC clean of malware. I use a pfSense box and block all applications from sending uPnP requests except the ones I tell it to accept them from.
commented Sep 15, 2011 by Alastor Moody (6,476 points)
That's good, of course exceptions to this risk exist. However, its good to point out the inherent risks for those who don't know. I disabled it on my router and thought Skype wouldn't work, it seems to work just as much as it did with uPnP enabled. I understand that you need it for some things, like the xBox 360, so make sure you have a way to control it as mentioned above.
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