What is a good tech related way I can contribute to the community?

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asked Sep 15, 2011 by HWLights92 (631 points)
I've recently put a few videos up on the BrickTrix channel on YouTube but I really want to find a technology related way to contribute to he LockerGnome community. Does anybody know any tech related things the community could potentially use that someone doesn't already do?

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answered Sep 16, 2011 by jeff (811 points)
hmm ask yourself this same question.  if you have to ask,  then I have to ask as well what do you have to offer???  what is unique to YOU versus everyone else?  do you like bacon while playing WOW for example,  do you drink ice tea only when chatting in IRC etc.  Yes sounds funny to point stuff out like that, but think about it,  if you bring your own creative style to a forum , chatroom, tech blog , youtube channel this you are one in a million :D

be yourself.  don't do what everyone else does.  don't be like Chris!  be YOU and YOU will be successful.
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answered Sep 16, 2011 by Techgeek564 (46 points)
One if you are in IRC follow the channel and network rules. Also when in lockergnome.net you can greatly contribute by answering question that you know is gonna benefit the person asking the question. Also it never hurts to ask questions when you can't find an answer.
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