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asked Sep 17, 2011 by Hardeepubhi101 (31 points)
Hey guys,

I have recently experienced an external hard drive fail. This included over 400gb of media. The one error I made that I now realise was that I was using time machine and asked it to back up on my external hard drive.  
Because the hard drive has fail I have lost the media and the back up. Sad times.

My question is, what is the best solution in regards to backing up data and using time machine?
I was using a 2tb western digital essential hard drive and don't know why it failed, I came back one day and it was completely wiped and formatted back to windows :(

Do you have any suggestions for a reliable hard drive and backing up solutions?

Ps I did sometime notice that when plugging in the 2tb HD in the USB port if I touched the metal body of the MacBook pro there would be a few small sparks, maybe that's why it failed.

Any way I thank you for your suggestions


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answered Sep 17, 2011 by jcasey_04 (76 points)
I would suggest getting an NAS (Network attached Storage) with some level of RAID (ours is RAID-1) that way if one drive in the NAS fails, you still have the data on one of the other drives in the NAS.
Plus you can connect the printer via USB to the NAS and print via it (assuming you have the NAS turned on when you need to print!) (at least with ours)

Our NAS is an iomega StorCenter ix2
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answered Sep 18, 2011 by lq (49,870 points)
I would suggest using online backup services like Carbonite and CrashPlan. I currently am using CrashPlan, uploading everything at first took a long time but since then it's been great. It's $3 a month for unlimited backups on a single computer and it's online so you don't have to worry about hard drive failures.
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answered Sep 19, 2011 by d2photo (16 points)
"I came back one day and it was completely wiped and formatted back to windows :("

WHAT.. how is this even possible.. Time machine-> MAC OS
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answered Sep 19, 2011 by Hardeepubhi101 (31 points)
Yup I came home and think it just failed and went back to windows format
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answered Sep 19, 2011 by d2photo (16 points)
that's what I mean though.  a drive will not just revert from a Mac OS journal to fat32/ntfs without initiation by someone/something.  This would have to be started in disk utility or another app.  Are you sure someone else didn't have access to your machine.
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