alienware or mac?

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asked Sep 17, 2011 by Youngmac (30 points)
het which computer should i get for a bit of gaming, music and video editing and HW? im trying to decide between alienware M11x (i7) 13 inch macbook pro (i5) or 13 inch macbook air (i7)
commented Sep 17, 2011 by Jackster1337 (8,481 points)
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answered Sep 17, 2011 by Fish (7,331 points)
Well you want mostly hardware for gaming (alienware) but Mac's offer a better range of video and audio editing software. Also Macs have the ability to run both Mac OSX and Windows. At the end of the day its up to you. Have a go on all of them and make your decision. If it was me I would go for the MacBook Pro but that's my opinion.
commented Sep 18, 2011 by Yarvaxea (3,996 points)
you can run osX on windows
commented Sep 18, 2011 by avrgboy (1,606 points)
but its against the EULA and its very hard to get it to work on most computers.
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answered Sep 17, 2011 by Sneakyone (2,352 points)
I would go with the Alienware for the hardware and gaming. It can also do music and video editing with the correct software.
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answered Sep 17, 2011 by SpyderBite (586 points)
Both. Seems like a no brainer to me. If money is an issue, get a job or get a better job. We roll with 2 macs, 2 alienware & 3 dells.. Never have to worry about incompatibility in our home.
commented Sep 18, 2011 by JordanV (4,116 points)
That is very nice of you.  Some people, whether they have a "better" job or not, don't like spending that much money on computers...
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answered Sep 17, 2011 by rysliv (61 points)
macs will look a lot better, and you'll be more happy with that than a alienware, which is fat, bad battery life, ugly, and nothing compared to a mac. despite its dual graphic cards and what not. A mac would be a good choice, and the top mac pro will get you a decent video card in it that can play prettymuch every game at high settings great, and run all those graphic intensive applications smoothly.

but anyways, its entirely up to you. For what you can afford. Both are expensive, and if you dont have the money, keep saving, it will be worth it in the long run to get a nice laptop rather than one that isnt as nice as whatever is newer.
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answered Sep 17, 2011 by Razor512 (16,586 points)
alienware will rip you off much more than apple.(they have a much higher price markup)
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answered Sep 18, 2011 by catchatyou (97,380 points)
I'd get a Mac (with upgraded graphics <b>NOT</b> the Intel integrated one), because it comes standard with great editing apps.  For only $150 more, you can load Windows on the Mac for optimal gaming experience (unless you have Mac OS X games).<br /><br />So if you bought a Mac, you can always put Windows on it, but on a Windows computer, you can't legally install OS X.
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answered Sep 18, 2011 by mad0865 (156 points)
Alienware - Gaming

Mac - video editing (if you like using final cut pro) and don't like Windows
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answered Sep 18, 2011 by JordanV (4,116 points)
Alienware's only look good.  They are too expensive for what you are getting.  Same with the Mac I would say, but you do get Mac OS X with a Mac.  I would go with some other Windows based manufacturer, as both Macs and Alienwares cost WAY too much.
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answered Sep 18, 2011 by xcalybur (748 points)
This really depends on what is more important to you, the gaming or the video/audio editing. Either way I wouldn't go with a MacBook Air. There are a lot of connectivity options missing and the video chipset could run a game if it's life depended on it. However the Alienware would be a decent gaming machine, but video would be a problem with such a small screen. The 13" MacBook Pro falls kinda in the same line as the MacBook Air. The video chipset is majorly lacking for gaming, but the rest of the system would be great for video and audio editing.

If I had to make the choice I would save up a little more money and get the 15" MacBook Pro. Solves all the problems.
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answered Sep 18, 2011 by xedric14 (941 points)
Alienware FTW!! i cannot say more for the mac as the guys above have already described it.

but if you're like me who doesn't care about technical stuff and only wanted to have fun and play. Alienware it is. with regards to the battery life. dude, it isn't alienware's fault.

technically when you have such a High Spec. (like dual video card, Hi-end processor, etc) you'd be putting up a lot of stress to the battery which in time will shorten it's life.
to fix that, I buy an extra battery. I use the default battery when there's AC power, and the Extra battery I use it only when I need portability such as when traveling.

A windows PC can do pretty much Everything A mac can do.(except if it's against some terms, but technically it can)  in fact, there are softwares you CANT RUN ON MAC
like the VERY PRECIOUS HD GAMES we'd love to play.

with regards to its hardware, you should remember that Alienware is a branch of Dell - which is a trusted company when it comes to computer stuff,

sorry guys,. If you're a Mac fan, I'm an Alienware fan too. :P
and I won't argue with you, mac is great too. but not for all people., besides arguing about is like arguing about religion atheism and politics.- very very subjective.
commented Sep 18, 2011 by xedric14 (941 points)
and if you;re and end-user like me, why chomp your brain trying to run windows on mac when you can run windows with a windows pc anyway? and why go for mac apps, when there are apps sold for windows that can do just the same?.
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