What do you think about ZL Studios? (Website Review)

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asked Sep 19, 2011 by lq (49,870 points)
I have a website and I haven't recently asked anyone about the design of it. The website is a few years old and I post news daily about the latest in consumer electronics. I'll so post reviews and videos as well as other things.

So if you could check out [ZL Studios][1] and tell me what you think.


  [1]: http://zlstudios.net

1 Answer

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answered Sep 19, 2011 by Ivan Tomica (1,251 points)
Good , and i see Will that you designed it. Simple, good, only thing i don't like is high contrast. If you already decided that page is going to be white background and black foreground, you could use some grey in there, cause this way it is "unreadable". That is only my opinion, let's se what everybody else will say.
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