Can I buy an iPhone 4 USED online (meaning Craiglist) if my contract isn't up till next year?

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asked Sep 21, 2011 by Studio66Designs (421 points)
My current iPhone is done and broke and I gave myself some hard thought that if I buy an iPhone 4 instead of a 3GS what could I do? I have no clue what is wrong with my 3GS but I wanna try an iPhone 4 but the problem is my contract isn't up till next year!!! Can I still buy an iPhone 4 and just switch the sims card from the old iPhone to the new iPhone? Will the new iPhone 4 effect my contract already going on? I know I knave no warranty but what can I do? Will AT&T allow me to buy an iPhone 4 online and just let me switch the card from my 3GS to the new one? Will that be allowed or what not? Also I know there's people who you can't trust online but who can you trust when buying an iPhone 4? Are the ads people post even real or do they tell the truth about what's wrong with the phone? Who can you trust? I never purchased a used electronic online so I need your help. If I do buy an iPhone 4 online meaning Craiglist then how much is normal to spend on an iPhone 4?

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answered Sep 21, 2011 by JordanV (4,116 points)
Yes you can, though it wouldn't hurt to call AT&T.  Since you already had an iPhone, you won't have to upgrade your contract plans anyways.
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answered Sep 21, 2011 by Alastor Moody (6,476 points)
I was able to activate an existing iPhone 4 without having to get a two year commitment from AT&T. They did however make me pay the $36 activation fee.
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answered Sep 21, 2011 by Jim Hill (56 points)
Yes you can, although the issue you will run into is that the iPhone 4 uses a micro SIM card, and the one from your 3GS won't fit. AT&T can give you a micro SIM attached to your account, but as already stated, you'll likely have to pay an activation fee.
commented Sep 22, 2011 by Studio66Designs (421 points)
So break it down and tell me what your trying to say
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