Favorite Sushi Restaurant?

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asked Sep 22, 2011 by r0bErT4u (83,750 points)
![alt text][1]

Where do you go when you crave sushi, and what kind of sushi?

  [1]: http://lockergnome.net/upfiles/lego-sushi-01.jpg
commented Sep 23, 2011 by guineaphinea (271 points)
Ewww, pukey... I mean sushi... >.>
commented Sep 23, 2011 by wordkev (676 points)
Sushi has never been my thing.

1 Answer

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answered Sep 27, 2011 by Patxi (12,610 points)
Ummm a  good known place here is [Cherry Blossom Japanese Steak & Seafood][1], I personally don't like Sushy but heard about this place a lot ^_^

  [1]: http://www.tripadvisor.com/Restaurant_Review-g147320-d801123-Reviews-Cherry_Blossom_Japanese_Steak_Seafood-San_Juan_Puerto_Rico.html
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