Time Machine Windows Issue

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asked Sep 27, 2011 by barnsleynut (586 points)
Hi guys,

I have recently purchased a 2 TB time machine to back up my Macbook Pro. I have also plugged in an old 500GB hard drive via the USB port.

I can see both drives as network drives on my mac, no issues there. The problem is, im the only one in the house that has a mac, all of my other house mates are windows 7 users.

I have looked at their computers but unable to find the drives. I should also note, I purposely formatted the 500GB drive to FAT32 before plugging it in.... I'm not a complete fool!

Any guidance or help, greatly appreciated.

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answered Sep 27, 2011 by bryanminer (851 points)
ok couple things to try here, first how are you telling Windows to connect? I connect with map drive //nameoftimecapsule/drivename first thing to see is if you are using that or ip based try the oposite for some reason afp is weird about that depending on how your network is configured.

Can they not see it on both ethernet and wifi?

Try formatting the drive on one of their pc's. Also you say FAT32 but when you format in disk utility the option is MS-DOS so I am not sure how your are formatting that itself could be the issue.
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answered Sep 28, 2011 by msmit1993 (121 points)
Try to install Airport software on there pc's maybe it wil help
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